Call for papers

The editorial team of the journal Migration Politics warmly welcome paper proposals for our authors’ fellowship in residence programme. We are seeking submissions from scholars conducting innovative and inspiring research on the politics involved in representing, controlling, and managing migration. We want to promote work that dares to bring in new theoretical or conceptual angles to Migration Studies by engaging with wider theories and debates in political science, sociology, law and other disciplines. We encourage submissions that provide primarily conceptual or philosophical contributions. In empirically oriented work, we seek to promote high standards of methodological transparency and rigour (including through appendices and  data deposits).

Successful applicants will spend a one week intensive fellowship in residence period at the University of Amsterdam to develop their ideas into a manuscript ready for submission. Scholars taking part in the author fellowship residency programme are expected to submit their papers for review to the Migration Politics journal that offers rigorous, single-blind peer review and full open access without article processing charges (platinum open access).

Next paper proposal deadline: 15 November 2022, 16:59 CET

The author residency programme is open to scholars with a PhD at all career stages as well as to PhD candidates.

To increase the geographic spread of contributions in Migration Politics, three of the six 2023 fellowships will be reserved for African scholars; i.e. people who completed their undergraduate or graduate degrees at an institution based on the African continent and/or scholars currently employed at an institution based on the African continent can apply to qualify for these reserved fellowships.

For more information read our FAQ, or watch the webinar with advice on how to structure a proposal + Q&A from Monday October 31, 9-10 am CET. 

You are warmly invited to submit your paper proposal no later than 15 November 2022 16:59 CET through this form

The proposal (1,000-1,500 words) should contain:

  • The core question/thesis of the paper
  • The expected contribution to ongoing scholarly debates (explain which debates the paper connects to, citing relevant work and explain how it connects to these debates
  • The methodological approach
  • The empirical material. Please note: data collection should be completed before submitting a paper proposal to Migration Politics residency programme
  • Preliminary findings
  • References (these do not count towards the word limit)

In the submission form you’ll be asked to list:

  1. Your name, institutional affiliation, position, and contact email
  2. If you would like to be considered for the fellowships reserved for African scholars, please list the institutions at which you have obtained your undergraduate and graduate degrees in addition to your current affiliation(s).
  3. Confirm that your contribution is original and not under review at another journal or academic publisher and confirm that it won’t be submitted to another journal or publisher until either the proposal was rejected for the residency or, in case you are offered a residency fellowship, after rejection by Migration Politics.
  4. Your preference for either the Spring (April/May 2023) and Fall (October 2023) residency, as well as your availability during the months of your preference.
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