Senior Editorial Fellows

The senior editorial fellows of Migration Politics are based at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands. They solicit manuscripts, supervise the residency programme and appoint members of the Editorial College to act as lead editors for individual manuscripts.

Saskia Bonjour is associate professor in political science. She teaches mostly in the field of gender & politics and intersectionality. Her research focuses on the politics of migration and citizenship in the Netherlands and in Europe. She is especially interested in family migration, civic integration, gender and migration, and Europeanisation.

Evelyn Ersanilli is a Senior Researcher in Political Science. Her research examines immigrant integration in Europe – in particular citizenship, identity and family – and migration policy development – with a focus on low skilled migrants. In 2017 she was awarded an ERC Starting Grant for the RIGHTS project (2018-2023) which examines how origin countries influence the rights of their low skilled migrant workers abroad.

Darshan Vigneswaran is the Co-Director of the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and Associate Professor at the Department of Political Science, University of Amsterdam.  His research lies at the intersection of International Relations and Political Geography. He aims to understand and explain deep changes in the structure of international politics and his work is primarily interested in how the state’s claim to territory has been reconfigured in response to changing patterns of human mobility and settlement. 

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