We regularly issue calls for authors to send us short paper proposals. The residency fellowship programme is open to scholars with a PhD at all career stages as well as to PhD candidates. Successful applicants will spend one week at the University of Amsterdam as fellows-in-residence to develop their ideas into manuscript ready for submission to Migration Politics. Up to three authors will be in residence during the same period. In the run-up to the residence, fellows will participate in virtual feedback sessions. The fellowship-in-residence will include one public presentation, intensive feedback sessions with the editorial team, other fellows and other migration scholars working in or near Amsterdam. Scholars are welcome to submit co-authored work however the fellowship scheme covers a round trip and one week of accommodation for one person per accepted abstract. The accommodation and travel are conditional on the submission of a full draft paper one month before the start of the fellowship. The next authors’ fellowship-in-residence will take place in the Spring (April/May 2023) and Fall (October 2023).

Depending on COVID regulations, we may offer online or blended alternatives to a one-week Amsterdam residency.

After the residential fellowship, manuscripts submitted to Migration Politics will be sent out for external review. In this phase, we expect the acceptance rate to be much higher than the usual 5-10%, because of the initial stringent selection of abstracts, and because of the intensive editorial process.

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