Aims & Scope

Migration Politics publishes peer-reviewed scholarly contributions on the politics involved in representing, controlling and managing migration. The journal is not a generalist migration journal, nor a topical Political Science journal. Instead, we feature articles that promote inter-disciplinary conversations amongst Geographers, Political Scientists, Anthropologists, Historian, Sociologists and Lawyers on the relationship between migration and political institutions, processes and power. We seek contributions that present theoretically challenging ideas. Papers should be based on original empirical material and be methodologically rigorous.

Key areas of theoretical and empirical development that we strive to promote, are work:

  • Expanding the geographical ambit of research on migration governance beyond Western Europe and North America to sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, Latin America, Eastern and Central Europe, MENA and the Pacific;
  • Applying a gendered/queer perspective to migration politics, exploring how the regulation of migration intersects with the regulation of gender and sexuality;
  • Establishing a conversation between the Anthropological research on the everyday agency of migrants with the Political Science literature on citizenship and migration governance.
  • Empirically investigating historical connections between the governance of populations and mobilities past and present, including in colonial contexts
  • Establishing a conversation between research into the political geography of borders, detention and deportation, and political science research on the institutional dimensions of migration governance and control.
  • Bridging the divide between the study of race and racialisation and the study of migration politics;
  • Encouraging reflection on the role that migration scholarship plays in migration politics.
  • Examining how migration politics interacts with other political fields such as trade, security, and international relations as well as social security, labour market regulation, (health) care, housing, and education.

The Senior Editorial Fellows of Migration Politics are Saskia Bonjour, Evelyn Ersanilli and Darshan Vigneswaran.

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