Migration Politics Fellowship winners 2021

We are proud to announce the winners of our inaugural Migration Politics Fellowships.

For April 2021, we welcome:

  • Sophie Andreetta (University of Liege)  “Claiming Social Assistance in Court. Irregular Migrants, Public Institutions and the Law in French-Speaking Belgium”
  • Rébecca Franco (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam)  “The racialization of migrant housing in postcolonial France”
  • Patricia Nabuco Martuscelli (Universidade de São Paulo) “Is the Brazilian family reunification policy for refugees discriminatory?”

For October 2021, we welcome:

  • Richa Shivakoti (Ryerson University) & Kidjie Saguin (National University of Singapore) “Contesting Transnational Public Policies: The Politics of Transnational Administration of Labour Migration Policies”
  • Andonea Jon Dickson (Queen Mary University) “Carceral Geographies and Entanglements”
  • Christiane Fröhlich & Lea Müller-Funk (GiGa), “Governing exit, return and internal displacement in Libya and Syria: A comparative analysis of war states’ forced migration governance”
  • Gina Longo (Virginia Commonwealth University) “Social Problems And National Security Risks: Forging Race, Citizenship, And Nation On Online U.S. Spousal Reunification Forums”

The editors thank our UvA funders for the generous support: ACES, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and the Transnational Configurations of Conflict and Governance programme group.

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