Call for Editorial College members

Are you a tenured or tenure-tracked scholar working on migration politics? Are you eager to gain or expand your experience in editing a journal – and to do so in a journal that centers slow scholarship and is fully open access and not for profit? Then please apply to join the Editorial College of Migration Politics.

Migration Politics publishes peer-reviewed scholarly contributions on the politics involved in representing, controlling and managing migration. The journal features articles that promote inter-disciplinary conversations amongst Geographers, Political Scientists, Anthropologists, Historian, Sociologists and Lawyers on the relationship between migration and political institutions, processes and power. We seek contributions that present theoretically challenging ideas. Papers should be based on original empirical material and be methodologically rigorous. You can find all papers published by Migration Politics here.

Editorial approach

Migration Politics is a highly selective journal that adopts a uniquely intensive approach to the curation of cutting edge scholarly work.  We regularly issue calls for authors to send us short paper proposals. Our editorial team then hosts selected authors at the University of Amsterdam for intensive one-week residencies, devoted to developing draft papers into polished manuscripts. These manuscripts are then sent out for external review. Migration Politics does not accept unsolicited manuscripts.

Currently, the Senior Editorial Fellows of Migration Politics are Darshan Vigneswaran, Evelyn Ersanilli, and Saskia Bonjour.


Members of the  Migration Politics Editorial College plays an active role in the editorship of the journal. We expect Editorial College members to spend about one day per month on Migration Politics tasks.

The tasks of Editorial College members are to:

  • Act as lead editors for papers about once a year (select reviewers, write decision letters)
  • Vote on editorial decisions
  • Advise the Senior Editorial Fellows on journal policies (two virtual meetings per year)
  • Participate in virtual feedback sessions with authors
  • Contribute to the selection of paper proposals
  • Participate in the annual Editorial College meetings

Appointment to the Editorial College is for the duration of two years.

Criteria for Editorial College membership

We are looking for editorial college members who:

  • Are tenured or tenure-tracked
  • Work on themes that fall within the scope of Migration Politics
  • Have published at least two articles in a peer-reviewed journal
  • Enrich the geographical scope of our Editorial College
  • Consolidate or enrich the thematical and methodological scope of our Editorial College

The work which Editorial College Members do is not remunerated by Migration Politics. In order to avoid colleagues in precarious working conditions doing unpaid editorial work, we only accept applications from colleagues in tenured or tenure-track positions.

More information

More information on the role of the Editorial College can be found here

More information on the tasks of Editors in Charge can be found here

Migration Politics has an open editing process, meaning that reviews, decision letters and author replies and previous submissions of published papers are visible. They can be accessed by going to a published paper and clicking on “Submissions/Reports”.

How to apply:

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