Migration Politics Fellowship winners 2022

We are proud to announce the winners of our 2022 Migration Politics Residential Fellowships.

In Spring we welcome

  • Ulrike Bialas (Max Planck, Göttingen) Forever Seventeen: Young Asylum Seekers in Germany and the Liminal Space of Adolescence
  • Salah Punathil (University of Hyderabad) “National Borders among Families: Precarious and Intimate Citizenship in India”
  • Jagat Sohail (Princeton) “Cannibal Economies and How Guest Workers Became Working Guests: The Economic Integration of Berlin’s Refugees”

In Autumn we welcome

  • Gehad Abaza (UC Santa Barbara) “Building a House, Crafting a state: Syrian War-Time Migration in Abkhazia”
  • Jill Alpes (Ghent University) “Brokering migrants’ rights in an age of post-truth: Strategies for empirical research in support of pushback litigation at European borders.”
  • Julia Morris (University of North Carolina) “Migrant Extractivism and New Resource Frontiers”

The editors thank our UvA funders for the generous support: ACES, the Institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies and the Transnational Configurations of Conflict and Governance programme group.

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